Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm unpublished... so, ummm, do I need a website now or do I wait?

The following are excerpts from a few blogs and websites - all with varying opinions - on that very question! Click on the links to check out their full articles.
There are a lot of varying opinions!
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Jody Hedlund:“I don’t think unpublished authors should put too much pressure on themselves to have a website before getting a book contract…  On the other hand, a website can help unpublished authors begin to prepare for the future and can possibly save time and effort later.”

Moira Allen (as posted on “Designing and maintaining a site can be an excellent way to promote your writing and advance your career, but it should not be allowed to replace writing.”

Stacy Verdick Case (as posted on Ezine @rticles): “Do you need a website or not? Welcome to the twenty-first century--yes you need a website!”

Will Design for Chocolate: “Deciding if you need a website at this stage depends on two things: where you are in your career and what your goal in having a website is.”

Judi Fennell (as posted on Gather): “It’s a great way to get your name out there if you’re serious about becoming published and it shows you are in this for a career.”

Scott Eagan (Greyhaus Literary Agency): “I want you to take the time and work on your story. When you get an agent, and certainly, when you get an editor, then get that website up and running. Until then, just write.”

After reading these articles, my conclusions are:
  • I need to write my book and not worry about (or get distracted by) creating a website. 
  • I need to finish, edit and polish my book.  
  • I need to sell my work. 
  • Then, a few months before release date, I need to create a website.  
Okay.  Website is on hold... for now.

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