Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September & Summer Commitments

Today I registered for my 2011-2012 ARWA membership.  I'm excited to start the new program year.  This giddiness probably comes from my long stint in school and university.  Every September I get nostalgic - itching to learn new things and see old friends.

In some ways, it'll be bitter sweet though.  You see, every June, when my writing group breaks for the summer, we write down our summer commitments: What do we plan to achieve?  We can choose whatever we want, but ideally it is something writing related.  The secretary collects our "commitments" and holds them for us.  Over the summer, I usually forget about my promise until it gets close to September.  Then, the first meeting back, the secretary reads aloud from the collected commitments and we have to say how we did.
My goal this year was to finish the first, ugly draft of my current work-in-progress. 
(Image: © Tomas Jezek |
At the time when I made the commitment, I had... oh, I don't know... about 11,000 words written.  Since then, I've written another 33,000.  My goal is 80,000 words in total. 


In my own defense - yes, there are excuses ahead - I've been working closely with my critique group, so hopefully what I have written is pretty solid.  I really want to meet that 80,000 word count though.  There are sixteen days to that first meeting.  With 36,000 words still needed, that's a "whole lotta" writing!  <Gasp> 
Okay - ready, set, TYPE!

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