Sunday, December 18, 2011

Starting a New Project

I am nearing the end of my current work-in-progress.  (Yay!)

Getting to “The End” has gone more slowly then I would have anticipated.  In the past, I haven't taken this long to get my draft out.  Why is this different?  I have been working with a critique group on it – maybe that’s the reason.  Instead of getting my messy typo-ridden draft in place and then starting to edit, I have been adjusting pages before I submit and after we meet.  I think, overall, that has been helpful.  It has allowed my critique group to see the story develop and me to adjust pieces as needed.  However, we have a cap on our submissions length, so rather than send what I've completed I usually submit to the maximum allowable, which means I have surplus pages that wait until the next submission date.  Instead of being continually pushed on, I've had a leisurely stroll to "The End."    

This leisurely stroll has been, well, a long one, but that isn't what has been worrying me.  The other day I realized that it has been a long time since I started a new project.  I used to be inundated with new ideas, but somewhere along the line that changed.  Was I done?  Sure, I could go back and dust off an idea I had from a year ago, but if it didn't inspire me to write it then, should I invest time in it now? 

I have a lot to do before starting a new project - at least three stories to edit and actually submit to someone - but then what?  Did I have any stories left in me?  Were they all finished?  Was I finished? 

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Then, I woke up on Friday morning and I knew.  My next story skidded into my head sometime while I was sleeping and it hasn't stopped badgering me since.  I asked for this, I suppose.  I should have just accepted that I didn't need to worry; instead, it appears I have just given myself one more distraction.

Now, I'm trying to figure out how to wrap up this new idea in bubble wrap and stick it away until I'm ready to pull it out and play with it.  

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