Friday, February 24, 2012

Reading and Reviews: Beauty and the Beast Novels

Here are some of the "Beauty and the Beast" books I have on my bookshelves.  I've ranked them with my favorites on top.

TO BEGUILE A BEAST by Elizabeth Hoyt
Beautiful Helen Fitzwilliam is a woman with a past who is trying to escape with her children to a better life when she arrives at the ancient Scottish castle of Sir Alistair Munroe. He was severely scarred while in the Colonies and wants to be left alone, but Helen's future depends on hiding as far away from her former life as she can and there is no better place than with the reclusive botantist.

WICKED by Shannon Drake
The Earl of Carlyle, a man who wears a mask over his face to hide his reputed hideous scars, is determined to solve the suspicious deaths of his parents at an archaeological dig in Egypt. When fate sends Camille Montgomery, an expert in antiquities who works at the Museum with his parents' former colleagues, across his path, the Earl seizes the opportunity to use her to gain new access.

YOURS UNTIL DAWN by Teresa Mederos
Gabriel Fairchild returns from the Battle fo Trafalgar blind and angry. Jilted by his fiance, Gabriel hides in his home. Samantha Wickersham, a nurse hired by his father, forces him to accept his situation and find a reason to hope for the future.

Zsadist, vampire and former blood slave, is savage - the most terrifying member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but inspite of his reputation and his constant rejection of her, Bella is drawn to him. When she is kidnapped, Zsadist becomes obsessed with the need to find her, and when he does, Bella has to overcome his old emotional wounds to find her future with him.

LOVE IS BLIND by Lynsay Sands 
This is twist on the Beauty and the Beast story.  The hero, Adrian Montfort, has been scarred during the Napoleanic Wars and considers himself a freak to whom no woman could be attracted.  Lady Clarissa Crambray, the heroine, has been denied the use of spectacles by her stepmother, so she is 'blind as a bat' and cannot see Adrian's scars.

Beatrix Hathaway has corresponded with the handsome Captain Christopher Phelan while he was away fighting, except he thinks he was corresponding with one of Beatrix's friends.  So, when he returns  emotionally scarred from his time on the battlefield, he can't understand why he is drawn to Beatrix, an unconventional beauty. 

Linnet Thrynne is a beauty running from a scandal, and Piers Yelverton has an old injury and a bad temper. Piers' father plays matchmaker and brings the two together.

RAVEN PRINCE by Elizabeth Hoyt
Edward de Raaf, the Earl of Swartingham, a brusque and demanding employer, needs a secretary, but he keeps scaring them away. Anna Wren, a widow, needs money, so she decides to be his new secretary. Much to everyone's surprise, they suit one another.

TAMING THE BEAST by Heather Grothaus
Roderick Cherbon has returned from the Crusades scarred, wanting only to hide in his ruined keep, but to retain his home, Roderick must marry. Lady Michaela Fortune is humiliated and near poverty when she hears of Roderick's situation. Knowing it is the only way to keep her family from destitution, she decides to court the beast.

I love 'Beauty and the Beast' stories and am always looking for new ones. 

Any recommendations?

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Jess said...

im a HUGE fan of beauty and the beast stories too! its my favorite fairytale since i was little. Now i like novels, not fairytales :)
Here's what I have read so far:
Amy J. Fetzer - taming the beast
Hannah Howell - beauty and the beast
Kresley Cole - If you deceive (done reading an hour ago) - its great!
Michelle Pillow - Maiden and Monster
Teresa Madeiros - Bride and Beast
Gena Showalter - Darkest Kiss

Hope you find them awesome like me.
Im gonna read the books you've posted.thanks!