Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Lucky 7 Meme

Fun!  Kate Warren tagged me for a Lucky 7 meme.  Admittedly, I had no idea what that was at first, but, now that I know, I'm excited to participate. 

According to the rules, once you are tagged:
  • go to page 77 of your current WIP,
  • go to line 7,
  • copy down the next 7 lines/sentences as written and post them on your blog or website,
  • tag 7 other authors, and
  • let them know they've been tagged.
Following Kate's lead, I'm taking this literally and copying a full 7 lines, even though it leaves my last sentence incomplete.  

These lines are from my current WIP Secrets and Second Chances (Updated January 2013: I've changed the working title on this WIP to A Cowboy's Second Chance).  Claire, my heroine, has an appointment with a specialist and is currently in the doctor's waiting room.  The hero, Devin, has driven her to the hospital, but she lied and told him she was meeting a friend there rather than telling him she was worried about her health, so he did not accompany her to the appointment.

     Claire took a deep breath and tried to steady her racing pulse. 
     The jacket smelled of Devin.  Spicy.  Masculine.  And she was probably imagining it, but she was sure she could feel some remnant of his body heat lingering in the fabric. 
     Obviously her brain was playing tricks on her – imagining he was somehow there with her. 
     The office door opened.  Everyone in the waiting room looked.  It was true - misery did love company.  Another couple entered.  The man had his hand at the woman's lower...

The seven authors I'm tagging are all new friends who have recently commented on one of my blog posts:
  1. Chris Kelworth
  2. Donna Cummings
  3. Zee Monodee
  4. Skye Warren
  5. Jessica Knauss
  6. Sarah W
  7. Ursula Grey

And thank you again to Kate for tagging me.


Jessica Knauss said...

Fun! Thanks for tagging me!

Sarah W said...

Nice seven, Lorraine!

I'll be doing mine on Friday---thanks for the tag. :)

Kate said...

The man's hand was on her lower...what? I have to know! Great seven!

Donna Cummings said...

What a fun snippet you've got there! And thanks for including me. It took me a couple days, but I got mine posted too. :)

patonlorraine said...

Lower back...
:) LOL

patonlorraine said...

You are welcome! :)

patonlorraine said...

I just read yours! Great! :)

patonlorraine said...

Thanks, Donna! You are welcome! I'll go over and check yours out now! :)