Sunday, March 4, 2012

Revising with

I've been editing all weekend.  I started with a revision checklist I'd made last year and things were progressing, but I wanted to do some "search and destroy" tasks to kick start the process.  So, I pasted my pages into and voila!  I had a visual representation of the 150 words I've used most often in my manuscript. 

This was my first wordle graphic yesterday.  I prefer to have the graphic in black and white, but there are several other color schemes and fonts.  The bigger words indicate high use.
(I bet you can't guess the names of my hero and heroine.)

With a quick glance at my wordle graphic, I can see the crap words I've used.  My second step is to use Word's "find" tool to search for the weak words and replace them with stronger ones.  It is a slow but rewarding process.  So far, I've addressed: looked, little, know, just, like, house, and hand. 

This is my latest wordle graphic.  You can see I still have some work to do.

Here is a wordle graphic for this blog post! 

Do you any other fun programs to help you when you are revising? 


Suzanne Stengl said...

I absolutely love Wordle. Yes, it helps with finding the weasel words, but mostly I think it's just pretty. I feel like making a Wordle for each of my books and framing it.

patonlorraine said...

I use too, which is handy because it'll identify root words and groups. But you are right... Wordle is pretty. Great idea to print and frame it!

Tam Brown said...

On you can make more images with your text.