Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home Offices - Where do you write?

I spend a lot of time writing in my living room.
(Image:© Maksym Protsenko | Dreamstime.com)
I am typing this blog post in my living room - my laptop is balanced on my crossed legs, I'm on the loveseat, and the TV is blaring (it is on one of those pawn shows). 

I typically work from this perch. I tweet, post and blog from here. And, if the house is empty and quiet, I write and edit here. But I can't write if the TV is on or someone else is here. At some point in my past, I could write amid family fights, movies and all kinds of things... but not now. (Is that a sign of aging?)

But I wonder: Why am I here when I have a home office? Am I trying to be social?  Do I feel I'm going to miss something if I'm downstairs?  Is my office too cold?  Too cluttered?  Too dark? 

The bigger question: If I moved to a new home, would I even need an office?  ABSOLUTELY! (Or so my heart screams.) My dream office has built-in bookshelves, a large smooth table to serve as a desk, a big screen monitor, a white board, a picture window with a pretty view, a soft reading chair, good lighting, space on one wall for a lot of sticky notes... oh, and the yellow walls. 

But would I use it?  My practical side is uncertain. 

Then again, we eat our meals in the living room too, and yet I still want a table and chairs.  Hmmm, maybe we just need one huge living room. 

Where are you most comfortable writing?  If you have an office, do you use it?


Mae Clair said...

I use my office constantly. It's where I do my "intense" writing, LOL. But I get the social element too, balancing the laptop on my lap as I sit in the family room with my husband and share togetherness. :)

I tweet, blog, check FB and email in the family room. On beautiful spring and summer days I'll drag my laptop outside onto the patio or deck and work there.

But when it comes to writing, then I need the privacy of my office without any intrusions. I guess it's the element of concentration that makes me crave that solitude with my characters.

Sarah Kades said...

My studio, the living room, kitchen table, outside in the back yard, outside in the front porch, the car. . . Pretty much wherever I can carve out time.