Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Losing Weight: Yes, there is an app for fat!

I've decided to start a regular post on "My Writing Life", and today is the first one!  Since it is Tuesday, I'll plan to post these on Tuesdays.  And, I'm starting with news:

As of today, I've lost ten pounds! 

How is this relevant to "My Writing Life"?  Well, read on...

Background: At my day job I'm at a desk, and at night when I write or network on my laptop - no, Mum, I'm not wasting my time ;) - I do a whole bunch more sitting.  I'm not coordinated or agile enough to balance on an exercise ball at my desk or walk on a treadmill while writing.  I'll admit that I've never tried those things, but I think I know myself and my limitations well enough to understand that I'd injure myself within the first minute.  So, over the years, well, those opportunistic pounds have moved in and set up camp. 

That said, my weight has stayed about the same for years, so I figured it had hit some kind of natural equilibrium.  I didn't fret about it like some people I know.  I like the Dove commercials and did my best to see my body as a representation of the person I am and who I am comfortable being.  Besides, if I was super skinny I wouldn't have this cleavage, would I?  ;) 

(Good grief, I've used the word "cleavage" a lot on this blog in the past few weeks.  I never would have predicted that.  LOL)

Yes, in my minds' eye, the
slinky red dress is dazzling.  :)
Image: © Bonairina | Dreamstime.com
Anyway... back to my story...

The Moment of Change: A few months ago, though, my hubbie and I decided we should get healthier.  My decision wasn't about body image (though I suppose feeling comfy in slinky red dress would be nice).  No, my decision was about making sure that as I get older my body is healthy enough to sustain me through to a pleasant old age. 

We looked at all the weight loss programs out there.  We didn't want to spend a bunch of money, we didn't have a lot of time to go to support meetings, and we wanted something we could integrate simply into our lives. 

An App for Fat: So, I did a search on my smart phone and, what do you know, there is an app for fat.  (Okay, it isn't actually called that.) The app we decided on is MyFitnessPal.  Then, I discovered that a friend of my mine had used the program and recommended it.   So, we downloaded the free app and were set up in a matter of minutes. 

I set my profile so that, ideally, I would lose one pound a week.  Nothing drastic.  Just something manageable. 

Hubbie and I linked our accounts so we can see one other's daily food intake and how much we exercise, and we get notifications of each other's progress.  Of course he has lost more than I have (mutter, mutter, mutter), but it has kept us motivated and focused.  

I ♥ the Chocolate Fairy! 
Image : © Alnat | Dreamstime.com
The Results so Far: So, I am happy to report that today, nine weeks into this endeavor, I have crossed the ten pound threshold!  (And I've eaten chocolate every single day!)  The last few days I've had to keep tugging up my pants - it is all very classy.  ;)

But, I still say "Yay!" 

(Now, on to the next 10, and the 10 after that, and so on). 


Has anyone else looked at balancing the inherent sedentary nature of writing with getting healthier?


Donna Cummings said...

Congrats! That's an awesome achievement. And I like the reason you're doing it (altho I like that red slinky dress too.) I know I'd never be able to use that balance ball thing either, so I don't think I'll put that on my bucket list. LOL

My job keeps me on my feet all day, so I'm hoping that helps balance things out. Either that or my feet will wear out first. LOL

patonlorraine said...

Thanks, Donna! :)

I marvel at the people who can use those balls. I'm sure it'd spin me off and I'd hit my head on the desk. LOL.

It has been a while since I had a job that kept me on my feet, but I do remember it being good for 'balancing' things.

Anonymous said...

Big congrats, Lorraine! I think I'm going to have to check into that app. Hubby and I used to work out together all the time - - P90X and Insanity. But I'm a bit older now and my body doesn't do well with extreme fitness. Add in the extra hours writing and the pounds have slowly crept on. Grrr! How how the heck does that happen?

I have a day desk job too and can fully relate. But you're right - - it's about being fit and healthy. Although I'm all for being able to pull off a slinky red dress. I think I'll go check out that app now :)

patonlorraine said...

Thanks, Mae!

Wow - I'm impressed - P90X and anything with "extreme" and "fitness" together sounds intense.

I can honestly say I've never managed anything remotely resembling "extreme fitness" but I like the app and think you could adjust it to match whatever lifestyle you have. There are probably a bunch of other apps too, but this one is working for us. :)

Lisa Southard said...

Lucky me for not having a sensible job- still eat and drink more liberally than I should though... 10 pounds is a brilliant drop, well done! New follower :-)

Fr. Tom Fishworthy said...

Lorraine, good for you and may you drop many more..:)

I'm headed outside now for a brilliantly beautiful day, a walk should shed something...

I'm a new follower, too. Tom (novel character & I) that is.

Julie Mackenzie

patonlorraine said...

Thank you for the support and for following, Lily! :)

patonlorraine said...

Thank you for following and for the support, Julie! It is a beautiful day here too! I'm heading outside to pull weeds. LOL

Unknown said...

I love those balance ball thingies. I have one I use once or twice a year. It's the only thing I have that takes away my sciatica when it acts up. Otherwise. . . it sits in the closet gaining dust.