Thursday, October 4, 2012

Writing Life: Too Many Books?

After a hectic summer of selling our condo, moving, painting nearly every wall in our new house, getting new flooring, and all kinds of other things that go with moving and living, I'm finally climbing my way back to a normal life.

Gotta love IKEA.  :)
It's all been worth it though - I love my new home.  And, I finally have a wall of bookshelves in my office, which has been a dream of mine for years. 

What I hadn't expected, though, was that I'd have too many books to fit on that wall of shelving.  Yes, indeed.  Too many books. 

Is that possible? 

Apparently, for some even having one book in the house is too many.  I recently met a woman for the first time at my day job.  Upon finding out I'd moved partly to gain a bit more space, she asked if I was a hoarder.  She grabbed onto her assessment with a strange enthusiasm when she found out I enjoyed and owned books.  I'd never met this woman before in my life and she was calling me a hoarder because I didn't get rid of all my books after I'd read them once. 

Okay - am I odd in this?  Does everyone else in the world get rid of their books?  Does no one keep them to read again? 

My thoughts: I can't count how many books I've read more than once... and will probably read again.  I read them because I enjoy them, but I also use these books for inspiration when I'm struggling with an opening sentence, a bit of dialogue, how to introduce a character, or any other of a dozen different things.  I figure these are my textbooks, and so what if there are a lot of them? I've had a lot to learn over the years.  ;) 

What do you think? 


Joanne Stewart said...

Well, I only have so much space in my house, and no room to add more shelves. So, sadly, I have to get rid of them when they overflow the box they're in. But my favorites get kept. I hate giving away books, but I hope that at least if I give them away to somewhere they might be read again, then I feel better. But no. Giving away books is like giving away a friend. I always think, "but I don't wanna." Unfortunately, my husband doesn't understand it either. lol

Kate Warren said...

Owning some things does not make anyone a hoarder. If anything, I'd say you're a collector. Collector is a much more refined term. I don't have enough shelves for my books either, but rather than downsize too often, I stack them. My husband is resigned to the fact that the stacks will remain until he builds more shelves.

Karen de Lange said...

I have never been able to get rid of books. Ever. We have just had to have some major building work in order to gain more shelf space, and already most of it is spoken for - by books. I grew up in a house with books in every room, and a house without books just feels wrong. There is no such thing as too many books.

patonlorraine said...

My writing group used to have a book sale every year, where members could bring in unwanted books and the proceeds would go to our library. I liked culling once a year. It worked for me. Unfortunately they've stopped that and now I have to be more organized to get rid of the "non-keepers." But, thankfully, I have a lot of room on my Kobo still. ;)

patonlorraine said...

Collector. Yes, much better. :) I usually have stacks by my bed and in my office too. LOL. But, I don't think I'll be getting anymore shelves for a while. Not sure where I'd put them. LOL

patonlorraine said...

My mom gave me her love of books too. She has a wonderful library. And, I agree, a house without books feels a bit lacking, doesn't it? Without a soul or something.

I guess I don't have the problem at my house. ;)