Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Alberta - Spray Valley Provincial Park

As I mentioned in my post two weeks ago, I thought it'd be fun to highlight Alberta in a series of blog posts.  My plan is to post something about Alberta every other week.  
A Quick Geography Lesson: Alberta is a province, which is similar to a state in the United States.   According to Wikipedia, Alberta is 661,190 square kilometres (255,290 square miles).  This means Alberta is geographically almost three times larger than Great Britain, which Wikipedia says is 229,848 square kilometres (88,744 square miles).  (We don't have nearly the same population though!) Alberta has the Rocky Mountains on the west and prairie lands on the east - so although it is landlocked, there is a lot of variety in the landscape.  
Let's Start with The Rockies

Last year at about this time, my hubby and I went for a drive in Spray Valley Provincial Park, which we accessed by going south from Canmore. (I mentioned this outing in a blog post at the time.) This provincial park runs along the east boundary of Banff National Park and is apparently important for the grizzly bear population (oh my!).  We didn't see any wildlife the day we went.  

We went to escape the city and take photos.
Others went to ice fish.  They had the lake to themselves.

Very few animals or humans had been out on the snow
yet, so it was pristine and beautiful.

I've never been ice fishing. I imagine it to be a very cold and uncomfortable experience.  (I'm sure if you are prepared and dressed properly it would be okay... but brrr.)  Look at the scenery though!  What a wonderful place to spend the day!

Do you ice fish? 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery, though the thought of grizzly bears running around would freak me out (I have an unnatural fear of bears). Very rugged and open scenery. I love to fish but I have never been ice fishing. Not sure I could get my hands to function in that cold, LOL.

patonlorraine said...

I'm a wimp - I think that's why I haven't tried ice fishing. ;)

Oh - I have been to the mountains a lot, and I've never seen a grizzly yet. Though there is a fantastic restaurant in Banff called the Grizzly House - and I have been there!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my post, Mae! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you haven't encountered any grizzlies! I happened to think after I stopped...are you familiar with the blog Canadian Hiking Photography? I've been following it for several months now and am always enthralled by the stunning photos and even the stories from the photographer/hiker. I thought you might be familiar with a lot of the places he mentions. This is his latest post


Canada is some amazing country!

patonlorraine said...

Wow - what beautiful photos! No, I'd never seen this blog. A quick look at his archives and I see several familiar names and places - fun! Mount Yamnuska is close(ish) to the park I mentioned above - you drive by this mountain on the way to Spray Valley. Thanks for sharing this link! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought you might like it, and see a lot of familiar sites. :) His work is really amazing. Enjoy!