Friday, January 18, 2013

Awakening a Witch - 7 Writer Challenge

The wonderful Kate Warren tagged me in the 7 Writer Challenge (when I've done this before, it was called the Lucky 7 Meme). According to the rules I must go to either page 7 or page 77 of one of my works, and starting on line 7, post the next 7 lines. After that I must challenge 7 other writers to do the same.

From page 77:

          "Stonemount is different from your home."
          "I know that much," Mattie said.
          "No, you do not." Alex squeezed her had.  "Here, come with me."
          "To your window."

Now to challenge 7 other writers:


Anonymous said...

This is always so much fun to do. Thanks for the tag, Lorraine. I will have mine posted next week. Looking forward to it, and enjoyed the glimpse from AWAKENING A WITCH! :)

S.J. Maylee said...

Really looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for including me.

Jessica E. Subject said...

A very intriguing excerpt! I finally posted mine here: