Sunday, March 31, 2013

Help! I need a title!

I am horrible at giving titles to things.  So, yesterday I posted on Facebook that I needed help with a title for one of my WIPs.  This question is bothering me, though, so I thought I'd post it here too and see if anyone has any ideas. 

Everytime I think I've settled on a title, I change my mind a few days later.  So, I thought I'd see if anyone has any ideas or suggestions.

Today I'm leaning toward: "Devin's Second Chance" but if you all HATE that, I'm open to suggestions.

So far, my ideas have included:
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  • Secrets and Second Chances
  • Devin's Second Chance
  • A Cowboy's Second Chance
  • Second Chances
(Okay - there was another title early on, but one of my critique partners said it sounded like a self-help book, so I haven't included it here.)

Do any of those pique your interest? 


For a little context, here is an introduction to the story:

Widowed cowboy Devin Trent, who is haunted by his wife's final angry words, meets Claire Best the same day she receives an ominous call from her doctor saying she needs more medical exams to test for cancer.

Drawn together by his matchmaking mom and an inexplicable attraction to one another, they scramble to protect each other from the pain they are sure they will cause one another. Claire fears telling Devin about her health fears, worried her situation will expose Devin's lingering grief that always seems so close to the surface, while Devin is convinced he could never be worthy of love again. 

Can Devin forgive himself and can Claire come to trust their love enough to share her secret before it is too late and they lose their chance at happily-ever-after?


I'm open to ideas!!! :)

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