Sunday, April 14, 2013

Authors in ARWA, My Writing Group

I joined the Alberta Romance Writers' Association approximately 10 years ago.  Since then, I've met a bunch of fabulous writers, some of whom have published.  (Hopefully I haven't missed anyone with books currently available!)
The following are a few current ARWA members who have books available on Kindle (some have more titles than what I've shown)!  You should check them out!

Sarah Kades

CLAIMING LOVE: As an archaeologist, Elle loves her job. She just does not love all the airplanes she has to take. Before her latest flight, she says a quick prayer and as an afterthought throws in a request to meet her Mr. Perfect.

Roxy Boroughs

A STRANGER'S TOUCH: Single mom, MAGGIE HOLMES, is a by-the-book Calgary cop, until her seven-year-old asthmatic son, Davie, is kidnapped. Frantically grasping at any hope, she turns to STAFFORD WEBB, a former FBI psychic who retrieves information through his sense of touch.

Judith Duncan

IF WISHES WERE HORSES: The cry for help came at night, during final roundup. But nothing could prevent Conner Calhoun from rescuing his brother’s widow and her two children. From the moment he’d laid eyes on Abigail, he’d wanted her, but she wasn’t his to have. And now he’ d moved his forbidden love onto his ranch, where the secret between them had nowhere to hide…

Suzanne Stengl

ANGEL WINGS: A rejected lover and an ambivalent angel-in-training teach each other that love is possible when you find the right person.

Sandy Anderson

OPEN SPACES OPEN HEARTS: Kenna Maguire is knocked down but not out, she quits her job and moves to her aunt's ranch in Alberta, where she meets a neighbouring rancher, Cole Burgess. As their attraction to one another grows, they find that their relationship is jeopardized by their fear of being hurt again.

Jessica Jackson

WHEN I FIRST MET YOU: Sally is a teacher living in Southern Alberta. She opens a cracker after midnight on Christmas Eve, not realizing there’s something extraordinary about the beautiful bauble. The next morning, she awakens to find herself over a hundred years in the past—in 1899! Everyone in the small town believes her to be the new schoolteacher—and her contract with the town promises to provide a husband! How can she possibly choose a complete stranger to marry?

Mary Forbes

ONE DANCE WITH A STRANGER: Wade is a country music superstar with a tragic past and an obsession he is determined to fill. Orphaned young, living on the streets, Emily is determined to keep her new stable life at whatever cost. Throughout each page of this book, share the up and down journey of an exciting love story; and in the end, it is evident that opposites really do attract.

Billie Milholland

WOMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE: (Billie is one of four contributors) Four women. Four shooters. Four destinies to save the world... The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are coming. And four Archangels must find the perfect champions to save the world: fighters, warriors, soldiers, and brave men, all ready to fight for humanity against end times. All they have to do is drink a shooter -- a caustic mix of alcohol and divinity that will imbue them with the conviction to battle the Four. The only problem is these warriors don't drink the shooters. Call it fate, chance, or what you will, but four women drink the divine concoction. Alexandra Carlton, Julia Wolfe, Emily Keller and Dinah Medrano must all take up the mantles of champions ... whether they want to or not. Four writers, four horsemen, four Women of the Apocalypse. The world will never be the same again.


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