Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beta Readers

This week I sent one of my manuscripts to "beta readers" aka "first readers" aka people I know who read romance and are willing to give me feedback.  This is the same manuscript I've worked through with my critique group, who had very mixed reactions to it, so I'm curious to see what my readers think. 
I can't wait to see
what my readers write
in my m/s!
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This is the first time I've asked non-writers for feedback, so I did some research and found that asking questions was helpful.  I found these sites useful:

I borrowed heavily from those resources and I also added a few questions of my own:
  • Did the main characters' attraction / love make sense?
  • Did the love scenes make sense for the characters?
  • Were there any parts that made you laugh?
  • Before you read the story, do you find the title interesting / intriguing?
  • After you've read the story, do you think the title is appropriate? (Yes, I have title paranoia.)

And, my last question I adapted from my writing friend Mahrie G. Reid (although I think hers was worded more concisely):
  • When you got to the end, if you'd paid for the book, do you think you would have been satisfied with your purchase?

Then, because I know this is a commitment and I don't know if they'll like what they read, I included a thank you note and gift card to express my appreciation. 

I'm actually more excited than nervous (right now, anyway) to have this story in my readers' hands.  It feels like a step forward, a step in the right direction. 

Do you have any "must ask" questions for beta readers?  Or, other helpful resources? 

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Awesome list of questions! I will use those next time I'm scoping out a new beta-reader.