Tuesday, July 16, 2013

12 TV Couples with the Best Sexual Tension

Sexual Tension: When you are dying for the couple to
have their first kiss!
I have been working on my Writing Sexual Tension Workshop for When Words Collide Conference,
which will be held in Calgary on August 9th, and having so much fun with the topic! 

My part of the ARWA sponsored workshop looks at story structure and more of the "big picture" end of things, and Sarah Kades, who is teaching the workshop with me, will be addressing the detail-oriented aspects of writing sexual tension.  The workshop will be held August 9th from 9 am to noon.  It is only $10 and you don't have to be signed up for the When Words Collide conference to attend our workshop!  (Although you should sign up for the conference too, because it'll be great!)

As I work through my presentation, I keep thinking about couples from television shows. 

Which couple do you think has (or had) the best sexual tension? Here are a few couples I came up with, in no particular order:

  1. Maddie and David (Moonlighting)
  2. Ross and Rachel (Friends)
  3. Tony and Ziva (NCIS)
  4. Castle and Beckett (Castle)
  5. House and Cuddy (House)
  6. Booth and Bones (Bones)
  7. Daphne and Niles (Frasier)
  8. Mulder and Scully (X-Files)
  9. Remington Steele and Laura Holt (Remington Steele)
  10. Sam and Diane (Cheers)
  11. Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)
  12. Detective Murdoch and Doctor Ogden (Murdoch Mysteries)

My favorite is probably... oh, hell, I don't know.  I was aching for each of those couples to have their first touch, their first kiss...

Which TV couple do you think has (had) the best sexual tension?  (Doesn't have to be listed above.)


Mary Magdeline said...

My favorite is Ziva and Tony on NCIS. I loved Maddie and David (Moonlighting) - until they got together - then it went flat to me? Which makes me wonder - what went wrong? If you know - (or feel the same as I did) - if you have any idea of why let me know. It's why I don't want Tony and Ziva to get together - just keep the tension rolling.

Anonymous said...

Dahpne and Niles were a lot of fun. I remember Remington and Laura Holt, there are probably a lot of others if I stop to think about them, but I'm (mostly) drawing a blank.

I love Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin and Belle on Once Upon a Time, especially in the flashback moments before she wins him over.

Fun post, Lorraine!

sue said...

Thanks goodness - someone else who watches TV. Oh yes Moonlighting! I remember. And Castle also - before they became a couple YES Tony and Ziva - when will they catch on Also on NCIS LA for get their name YES Gilmore Girls. Wanna learn how to write watch TV. One of the participants on the A-Z Challenge just did TV shows. I can’t pick the best either

Sarah Kades said...

Ziva and Tony on NCIS are my fav from this list, too! Adorable and tough all at the same time. ;)
So looking forward to our workshop, Lorraine!

patonlorraine said...

A lot of people blame the end of Moonlighting on the demise of the sexual tension... but it could just be that Bruce Willis wanted to do movies. ;)

I love the tension between Tony and Ziva! *sigh*

patonlorraine said...

I haven't watched Once Upon a Time, but I've heard great things about it! And, now to know they have a great sexual tension couple, I really want to check it out!

Thanks for stopping by, Mae!

patonlorraine said...

LOL - yes, I watch TV! :)

Oh, right, NCIS LA with Kensi and Deeks! How could I miss them?! They sizzle too!

Thanks, Sue!

patonlorraine said...

Tony and Ziva... they have history, don't they? And sizzle? And... *sigh*... love them! :)

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah! I'm having so much fun working on this workshop! :)

Donna Cummings said...

Great post! I wish I could be at your workshop. :) I remember loving Moonlighting, and reading about all the behind-the-scenes tension going on with the main actors. I think that is what ruined the sizzle, but their characters getting together have always gotten the blame. LOL The fear of losing the chemistry makes some shows drag out the inevitable way too long!

Suzanne Stengl said...

I have not seen many of the shows you've listed so thanks for giving me some great "resources" to check out!

I used to love Bones & Booth for the tension btw the two. Now that they are together, I still like the show, but it's the comedy that's the draw. And all the other quirky characters.