Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A book cover! Annie's Christmas Plan has a cover!

Today I'm excited to share the cover of my upcoming release, Annie's Christmas Plan, which is the second novel in the Morning Lake Series. (Anticipated release date is the fall of 2013.)



Annie's Christmas Plan

Blurb: Recent divorcee and empty-nester, Annie Bingley wants her family back. Desperate to prove to her ex and her daughter that she can be more than just a craft-obsessed mom, Annie decides to start fresh, move to a small town, and emulate the lifestyle she sees splashed in crafting and home-making magazines. Living from holiday to holiday, Annie works at creating an ideal home and picture-perfect memories full of glitter and hope - and it works. Before the year is out Annie's house is filled with relatives and their pets, but it is nothing like what she'd expected. And, she certainly hadn't anticipated her sexy new neighbor, John Quinn, changing her carefully constructed plans.

Who knew perfection would be so hard to maintain?


Want to know more? 

I posted early snippets of Annie and Quinn's story last year when I was participating in Six Sentence Sunday. (Back then, this story was called All That Glitters.) You can click here to check them out!


A little about the Morning Lake Series

These stories are a collection of contemporary romances set in Morning Lake, a fictitious small town in Alberta, Canada.  The first novel in the series is Devin's Second Chance, which was released in June.  Helen, Devin Trent's mom, loves to meddle and continues to play a little role in helping each Morning Lake couple find their happily-ever-after. 

After Annie and Quinn's story is released, Chloe's Matchmaking Terrier, a novella, will be next!


I hope you fall in love with Annie and Quinn's story as much as I did!


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, Lorraine. Congratulations! I really love the warmth your book covers inspire. I'm looking forward to the second story in the Morning Lake Series!

patonlorraine said...

Aw, thanks, Mae! :) I'm looking forward to sending Annie and Quinn into the big wide world!

Kate said...

Love the cover, Lorraine. Very eye-catching!

patonlorraine said...

Thank you, Kate! :) The 'crafty' Christmas ornament heart is perfect for the story. I love how it all came together!

glenys said...

Lovely cover! It says 'come & read me!' :)

patonlorraine said...

Hi, Glenys! Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm glad it says "come and read me!" - that's what I was going for! ;)