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Kate Warren - What to Read Thursday!

Yay!  It is that time again, when I have the wonderful opportunity to introduce you to my lovely writing friends and their fabulous books. 

Welcome to What to Read Thursday!

"What to Read Thursday" is posted every other Thursday (for previous posts,
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This week, I'm excited to welcome 
Kate Warren to my blog!  I first met Kate through the now defunct Six Sentence Sunday blog hop, where she got me hooked on her book, Bridging the Gaps, which she is talking about today!  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I can't wait to hear what Kate has to say about it!


Book Cover
for Bridging the Gaps
What was the inspiration for your story?
Three things: I wanted to write a romance about people who aren’t in their twenties and don’t have six pack abs; an idea about a dentist who gives out candy on Halloween; some stories my mother told me.
Lorraine: LOL.  I know what you mean about people who aren't in their twenties! Some of my recent characters are also not in their twenties.  It is fun to explore new age groups!  ;)    
Where/when did you set your story and why?
Bridging The Gaps is set in a small town in Wisconsin.  People say “write what you know,” so I did.  The city of Troy Falls is an invention, a combination of several small towns I’ve either lived in or visited over the years.  The time is 2009, because that’s the year it was when I started writing it.
Lorraine: That's great!  I love learning about new places.  I visited Wisconsin (very briefly) a few years ago and have wanted to return ever since!  
What was the last romance novel you added to your “keeper” pile or list?
That would probably be Tessa Dare’s A Lady By Midnight.  I have her latest but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.  I’ll read anything she writes because I know it will be wonderful and hilariously funny.  She’s such a talented and genuine person.  I’ve been a fan since her pre-fame days.
Lorraine: Excellent!  I think I've only read one of Tessa Dare's books, so I'll have to add this to my list!  :) 
What’s next?  Do you have another story on your desk you’d like to tease us with?
Currently I’m working on the sequel to my very first novel, The DeFord Chronicles, Part I.  The sequel is called The DeFord Chronicles, Part II.  Shocking, I know. ;)  This book refuses to be finished.  I can honestly say it’s my longest work to date. 
I also have plans for a humor novel, some regency stories, more DeFord Chronicles books, and quite possibly a sequel to Bridging The Gaps.  One day I hope to write a serious work of historical fiction, but I’m not certain I’m capable of being serious long enough to accomplish that.
Lorraine: I also have a book that keeps growing, so I understand what you mean about a book refusing to be finished.  Sounds like you have a lot on your desk!  
What is one of your favorite lines or snippets from your story?
I love the character of Matt and one of his lines is my favorite.  He’s just come home from a weekend at his father’s, and is disgusted by the lovey-dovey relationship Dad has with his girlfriend: 
“If you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash my ears out with acid.”
Lorraine: Fantastic!  I loved Matt's character!  :)
A very regal
looking Kate Warren!
Kate Warren was born on a cold day, in the early morning. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, she is not a morning person. Kate writes humorous and dramatic novels, novellas, flash fiction, and poetry. She also writes songs and has an unfinished stageplay to her credit--or shame, whichever works.
She is a former spelling champion with a lovely singing voice, an appreciation for reading, music, movies, and art, and a deep and abiding love of really bad puns.
Kate currently lives in a small town in Wisconsin with her husband and four children--three of whom have autistic spectrum disorders--and a very cute dog.
If Kate could choose a superpower it would be the ability to fly, and if she were an animal she would be a horse. She loves Jane Austen's works and her favorite bird is the black-capped chickadee.
katewarrenthewriter (AT) gmail (DOT) com
@TheKateWarren on Twitter
Ellen Pritchard thinks the world is over now that her husband has left her. If only that were the case. Instead she's forced to confront her fears and find who she is all over again while dealing with troublesome teenagers, an alcoholic son, and a man from her past who just might offer a second chance for both of them if Ellen can find the courage to take it.

With her eldest daughter and a group of unforgettable friends to lean on, Ellen will learn that "that which does not kill us" is life, and love is always worth the risk.
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Should he kiss her goodnight?  Was it appropriate on a first date with someone else’s wife?  Did she want him to?  Did he want to?  Yes.  He did.  But was it a good idea?
Ellen’s thoughts were running along the same lines.  But she wasn’t sure if she wanted Henry to kiss her.  Maybe a handshake?  Or a hug?  But that would be too impersonal. 
She was about to suggest they discuss the issue when he leaned toward her.  His lips brushed her cheek softly and she felt disappointment surge through her.  She did want him to kiss her after all. 
I love the mix of emotions in the excerpt!  Dont you?


Kate Warren said...

Thanks so much for allowing me to be part of What To Read Thursday, Lorraine!

patonlorraine said...

It was fun! I'm glad you could join me today! I loved hearing about your inspiration for Bridging the Gaps and I love your excerpt! :)

Donna Cummings said...

That is a lovely excerpt! I love the worries and the resulting disappointment. :) I have this on my Nook and can't wait to read it -- I need more time! I really enjoy Kate's sense of humor.

Another great interview, Lorraine!

Kate Warren said...

Thanks, Donna. I think we all need more time, but especially the readers of the world. The to-read list just keeps growing. ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice interview, ladies. Kate, I enjoyed the blurb with so much thought given to a kiss. Perfect! By the way, my superpower dream has always been to have the ability to fly too.
Wishing you many sales!

Kate Warren said...

Thanks, Mae!

Kate Warren said...

You're too kind! It was fun on my end too. :)

Marlow Kelly said...

wow, that was great. I'm hooked. Kate, I'll have to look for Bridging the Gaps on amazon. Lorraine, thanks for the introduction. I really enjoyed it

patonlorraine said...

So many books... only 24 hours in the day. *sigh* I think we all struggle with that one! :)

patonlorraine said...

I don't know what I'd choose for a superpower, but I know what I wouldn't choose - telepathy. Sometimes I feel I can't keep track of all of my thoughts, I can't imagine adding everyone else's too. LOL

patonlorraine said...

Hi Marlow! I'm glad you stopped by! :) I think you'll enjoy Kate's book!