Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Spooky Read on What to Read Thursday!

Happy Halloween! 

Last Halloween I was looking for a romance that was a spooky read.  I didn't care if the book had ghosts, witches, werewolves, vampires... I just wanted it to cast an atmospheric and moody spell over me.

So, this year, since What to Read Thursday conveniently lands on Halloween, I thought I'd make a recommendation in case someone else is also looking for a spooky read: Amanda Stevens' The Graveyard Queen series. I read her first novel in January 2012, and gobbled up the later books in the series as soon as they were released.

There are four books in the series:

The Abandoned (Prequel, Novella): Amazon
The Restorer (Book 1, Novel): Amazon
The Kingdom (Book 2, Novel): Amazon
The Prophet (Book 3, Novel): Amazon

Be prepared for ghosts, cemeteries, witchcraft, secrets, the rich setting of Charleston, and murder!

Here is a little description of the first novel in the series (which was my favorite):

THE RESTORER by Amanda Stevens

Story: This is Book One of Stevens' Graveyard Queen series. Amelia Gray, who is a graveyard restorer, sees ghosts, but she has been trained by her father to ignore the displaced spirits. Unfortunately, when a murder victim is discovered in one of her restoration projects, she is drawn into ghostly interactions, primarily through the intriguing and attractive detective, John Devlin, who is haunted by his dead wife and daughter.

My Thoughts: As soon as I read The Abandoned (the novella prequel to the series) I was hooked. What's not to love? There were cemeteries (which my family knows I can't get enough of), ghosts and a sexy detective - PLUS I loved the way Stevens' developed this premise. In The Restorer, Stevens' writing is poetic and spooky, making it even more enchanting than the prequel. The attraction between John and Amelia is nicely integrated, but it was only one of the many layers of the novel. I knew that this book was part of a series from the beginning, which is important for me. (I like to know from the beginning if I should expect all of the questions to be answered by the end of the book. In a series that is less important.) Stevens integrated enough larger character questions to keep the story flowing into the next book in the series, but the major plot questions for each novel were resolved in each book. I highly recommend this book / series to anyone looking for a spooky and intriguing ghost story / murder mystery.


I would not classify this as a romance, though... more of a paranormal with romantic elements.  So, I'm on the hunt for a spooky romance!  Do you have any suggestions?

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