Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Q is for Quinn!

Today in my A to Z trip through December, we are on Q! To check out the earlier posts, click here!

When I was brainstorming possible blog topics for Q, I got stuck.  Nothing seemed all that great: Quince? Quality? Quantity? Blah.

It actually took me an embarrassingly long time to remember I had the perfect "Q" for today: Quinn, the hero of Annie's Christmas Plan, which was just released in November.


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The following excerpt shows the first time Annie meets Quinn:

When she turned off the highway onto the gravel road, the steering wheel tugged under her loose grip. She hadn't driven on these types of road much in her life, but it didn't take a genius to figure out the wheels were catching on the loose gravel at the sides of the worn grooves. She tightened her hold and watched the road ahead for the railway tracks. Houses were quaintly placed in clusters of trees across the gentle rise and fall of the golden fields. Perfect and peaceful. She rolled down the window to breathe in the goodness of the country air.

Then she saw it.

Dirt and rocks billowed behind a mechanical beast on the road ahead.

Move over already. You don't need the whole road. She directed her vehicle closer to the shoulder.

The steering wheel tugged again.

What was going on? The truck wasn't obeying. Brakes! Gah! She wasn't stopping. No, her foot was pressed on the accelerator. Shoot, she wasn't on the shoulder anymore ... The ditch was right there ... No ...

She was in the ditch.

Still clutching the steering wheel, Annie blinked. She had stopped. A filthy fog of dirt and rock floated around her—up her nose, in her eyes, down her throat. She choked and coughed, vaguely aware of the sound of the other vehicle stopping on the road above.

"Jesus Christ." The man slammed his door. "What the hell were you thinking?"

"Me?" She wiped the dust from her nose and mouth. "What were you doing?"

Crap, the door wouldn't open—it kept hitting the slope in the ditch. She was trapped in her truck at the bottom of the ditch with some lunatic who didn't drive properly. Tears rushed to flush out the grit in her eyes. Great—dust smears were probably running down her face, and he'd think she was crying. She blinked again rapidly, trying to hurry the process.

A moment later, the dust had settled and the world was quiet.

She assessed the man on the road in a quick beat—his baseball cap had probably been in service for the last fifteen years, his faded jeans fit snugly over lean hips, and the creases around his eyes suggested he'd spent his life squinting into the sun. He was one of the sexiest men she'd ever seen outside of movies.

And now he was focused on her.

When the corner of his mouth kicked up in a lopsided grin, heat rolled over her skin as if he'd caressed her. Annie swallowed and looked away, mortified by her immediate heated response to him.

Maybe she was going through an early menopause.


Not a smooth first meet, but definitely a memorable one! 


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Have you ever gone in a ditch?

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