Sunday, January 12, 2014

My January 2014 Stats

As I mentioned last year,
keeping track of where I'm going
will hopefully keep me
going where I want to go!
Last January, I posted a few stats and I thought I'd revisit them now and see how / if anything has changed over the last year. The bracketed numbers are the differences between this year and last year.

So, as of January 12, 2014:

  • Publishing: I have two novels published (Devin's Second Chance and Annie's Christmas Plan). Yay! (+2)
  • Writing: I have six novels outlined and ready to write. (+3)
  • Editing: I have completed four novels that need to be edited. Of the four, two are paranormal romances that are quite close to being ready for a beta readers' eyes, but I'd like to publish another one or two stories in my Morning Lake series first. The other two (a paranormal romance and a contemporary romance) require substantial edits because they are stories I completed a few years ago that I've decided I'd like to dust off and revisit. (+1)
  • Critique Group: My critique group has decided to proceed into 2014, but our lives are getting complicated. It is a great motivator and source of inspiration, though, so I need to make this a priority. (0)
  • Workshops: I am helping with a workshop for ARWA, my writing group, in June. (0)
  • Conference: I've registered for the When Words Collide conference and signed up to sit on three panels! (0)
  • Online Classes: I haven't signed up for any online classes yet. Last year I was disappointed with a couple of the ones I took, so I think I'll step back from those for a while. (-2)
  • Newsletter: I sent out two newsletters in 2013 and I plan to continue with my newsletter! Yay! Right now I send out newsletters when I have a new release (so rather sporadically), and I'm trying to decide if I want to bump that up to once a month. Either way, you should definitely sign up for it!  ;)  (+2)
  • Blog Hop: I participated in a few blog hops in December and they were a lot of fun. I want to do more in 2014! (0)
  • Twitter: I have 1,810 followers. I <3 Twitter. (+676)
  • Facebook: I have 528 likes and today my weekly total reach is 170. I'm thrilled with the upswing in my FB page! (+491)
  • Blog: I have 44 people following my blog - I'd really like to break 50, but we'll see.  In 2013, I blogged 105 times.  (+9)
  • Klout: My Klout score is 46. (-5)
  • Google+: I'm in 199 circles, which is surprising because I'm hardly ever there. (+68)
Okay.  That's it.  Let's see what happens over the next 12 months! 

I'm not sure these stats mean much of anything. Most of these topics don't gauge my progress in any real way, but it is fun to see how things have changed or stayed the same. 

Do you keep track of your stats?


sue said...

Hi there - happy new year
I'm curious as to what kind of paranormal you're considering...the genre seems very popular these days

patonlorraine said...

Hi Sue! How are you doing? Thanks for stopping by!

My paranormals are about witches. The historical paranormal romance is about a witch who has cursed the hero's keep in Scotland, and then the witch who may be able to set them free. And my contemporary paranormal romance is about a witch world that is integrated into the fabric of our contemporary world. In that one, the heroine's family is attacked in the beginning and she has to risk exposing secrets and pairing up with the hero in order to save her family and get justice.

I find them a lot of fun to write. I've considered writing about vampires and such, but those aren't the stories that are coming to me.

marymforbes said...

Sounds like you've had a very productive, good year. And 2014 will be better I'm sure. 6 books on the go! Congrats. How do you keep them all straight?

patonlorraine said...

Hi Mary! I hope 2014 is productive and good for all of us! :) The stories are all so well defined in my mind that they are quite distinct. I don't write them concurrently, but I do have them outlined and geared up to go! :)

Victoria Smith said...

Really interesting idea to track your stats. I may need to start doing the same. Seems a great way to stay accountable to yourself.