Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What I Love about Small Town Settings

Morning Lake, the setting for a contemporary romance series, is a small town in Alberta. Here are why I love this small town setting:

  • I grew up in small town Alberta, so it is a happy place for me. Although Morning Lake isn't really like my hometown, I love the sense of community. I've tried to recreate that feeling of being rooted and more connected to neighbors and fellow-townsfolk... All imbued with a sense of history and place.  Maybe that's just me.  It could be that I never really tried set down roots in the cities where I lived, but small towns just *feel* different to me.
  • Everyone knows everyone else (or so it seems). That way, the characters get a chance to interact with characters from earlier books in the series in a natural way, and some characters get cameo roles in all the books. It is fun to build the community and see how everyone gets along, or not... 
  • In small towns, you can't escape your past or your mistakes. Secrets don't always last that long. (See my last point.) What could be better for a writer? It is a built in opportunity for tension and conflict.
  • Cowboys. Sure, there are people in Calgary who wear cowboy boots and hats (even when it isn't Stampede), but most cowboys live in the country and frequent small towns. Yay! 

Do you like stories set in small towns? If so, what do you like best?

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Mary Magdeline said...

Like you, I grew up in a small town too. I like some things about them - but I especially don't like the rumors that fly around and gossip. I like your last point - real cowboys seem to frequent small towns. But they can come to Calgary for an evening in the big city can't they?
I do like your small town Morning Lake. You have created a place where people create their own fun too. I liked both your books.