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5 Fun Facts about Author Sarah Kades

Today I'm excited to welcome Sarah Kades to my blog! She's here to share Five Fun Facts about herself, her book and her writing! And, if you scroll down, you can read a fun excerpt from her new book, Kiss Me in the Rain! Sarah is one of my fabulous critique group peeps and I'm so excited about her new release (and the upcoming books in her series)!! :)

Book Cover for Kiss Me in the Rain

FUN FACT #1: About Sarah
My first trip up to Fort McMurray (Northern-eastern Alberta oil sands) I got a hug from the WestJet check-in counter woman. True story. Long story. Thanks nice WestJet lady!! 

FUN FACT #2: About Sarah's Book
This book was five years in the making. I took breaks to work on other projects, but this baby is a favorite. The characters have definitely become old friends.

FUN FACT #3: About one of the characters from Kiss Me in the Rain
Gabe is an ex-CSIS agent, who went back to his archaeology roots. I actually knew an archaeologist who became a CSIS agent. At least we think he did. He had an interview and then just stopped coming to work. Maybe he was just sick of screening fields of dirt.

FUN FACT #4: About Sarah's Writing Process

FUN FACT #5: About Sarah's next book
I'm working on The Sane One is a Bull Rider, book two in the Tanner Family series. Years ago a friend of mine in Saskatchewan used to rodeo, team penning mind you, not bull riding. When I asked about the other events, including bull riding, he laughed and said something like bull riders are a breed all their own. The moment stuck in my head. Now I have a character who is a bull rider. So. Darn. Fun. To. Write.

Glaciologist Savannah MacIntyre was happy with her life far away from her family. But sometimes life has a way of bringing you back home when you least expect it and most need it. When the opportunity to reconnect with her estranged dad comes up, she takes it. Then finds herself distracted from her turmoil by ex-CSIS agent turned archaeologist Gabe Tanner, who would rather get another bullet to the head than reconcile with his own father. Family betrayal has taught both Savannah and Gabe not to trust, or love, which makes navigating their mutual attraction on a remote archaeological survey beyond frustrating. But somewhere between roaring fathers and dense spruce forests, they let go of the past and learn that love doesn’t care who the extended family is.


His eyes heated so fast she had the crazy thought that he was going to pick her up right there and carry her off to his room. She held out a staying hand. “Do not pick me up.”

“A woman who can read my mind, excellent. I’m told I suck at communicating.” Gabe ducked a shoulder to her middle, wrapped his arms around her legs and hoisted her over his shoulder.

Laughing until she was gasping for air, she alternated between tickling and pounding on his back to get him to put her down. Finally, unable to take it another second of laughing so hard, she gasped, “If you don’t put me down I’m going to pee my pants.”

That got a reaction.


Sarah Kades is an American-Canadian author of romantic fiction where nature, humor and love meet. Her first publication was the novella Claiming Love, followed by the short story Duke Out at the Diner. Kiss Me in the Rain is her first full-length novel. It is Book One of The Tanner Family Series, a five book series set in western Canada. When she is not writing, she is playing, usually outside, with her family or planning their next adventure. 

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I enjoyed reading Sarah's book in our critique group! And I'm excited it has now been released! :) I'm looking forward to her next books in this series!

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Sarah Kades said...

Thanks Lorraine!! It is awesome to be on your blog. You sre so in the acknowledgments. Cheers and Write On!